CC y PP aceleran en Canarias pacto con nueve ejes estratégicos y negociación con AHI y ASG.

CC y PP aceleran en Canarias pacto con nueve ejes estratégicos y negociación con AHI y ASG.

Coalición Canaria (CC) and Partido Popular (PP) have held their first negotiating meeting on Thursday with the objective of closing a government agreement in the archipelago. The members of the commission, David Toledo and José Miguel Barragán, have acknowledged that once an agreement is reached, the support of the Agrupación Herreña de Independientes (AHI), which currently has one seat, and the Agrupación Socialista Gomera (ASG), which has three seats, will be sought, thereby achieving an absolute majority of 38 deputies in the Parliament.

The basis of the future government program aims to ensure sustainability of the welfare of the population, with an emphasis on people. Education is recognised as a foundation for social and economic progress, as well as generation of employment. The group wishes to have a fiscal policy which incentivizes economic activity and enhances the REF. It is committed to a tax policy that is fair and progressive in order to decrease the tax burden. The coalition aims to strengthen cultural and sporting policies and ensure sustainable and territorial energy planning. It aims to prioritize equality as a horizontal policy, promote self-governance and modernize the government to make it "more agile, transparent and simplified."

Barragán has indicated that they are working under the "logic" that Fernando Clavijo (CC) would be the president, and Manuel Domínguez (PP) the vice president. Considering the proximity of the General Elections, the agreement is expected to be "practically closed" by the end of next week or the start of the following week. There will be a second meeting of the negotiating commissions on Monday or Tuesday next week in Gran Canaria.

There is already a pre-election agreement with AHI to support the investiture of Clavijo. The coalition is open to interaction with ASG, and the decision to integrate them into the future government or to subscribe to a parliamentary agreement will depend on future discussions.

Poli Suárez, spokesperson for the negotiating commission of the PP, has warned that if the PP ultimately obtains one more seat from Lanzarote to the detriment of NC - given that the scrutiny is still open - "things can change" and it may not be necessary to get the support of ASG. On the possible investiture timetable, Barragán expresses his desire that it "be the same" as in 2019 when the Parliament was constituted on June 27, with a "quick" consultation process and the plenary session taking place on the week starting July 10, so that it is not affected "by the pure and hard campaign" of the General Elections.

Both Barragán and Suárez have emphasized that they have not yet discussed the allocation of areas or government structure, only programmatic principles. The future Parliament Table has not been defined, nor has the presidency.

Suárez has confessed to journalists that the PP is "pleased" with the first contact because the main lines of the 'Plan to Govern' presented by the party during the campaign are being considered. He did not want to talk about a "cascade agreement" because "each municipality has a different situation". On the Tenerife Cabildo and the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Barragán explained that it is still "not on the table" for negotiation, while Suárez acknowledged that in politics "anything can happen," referring to a possible presidency of the island corporation by the PP, as stated publicly by the island president, Emilio Navarro.

"The island leadership is coordinated with the autonomous leadership and the aim is to make agreements with CC where we add up," Suárez added.



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